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Social Policy Statement

Allied Old English (AOE) is a third-generation family owned and operated specialty foods manufacturer and supplier founded in 1952 on the principles of providing our customers with great food products, new and innovative flavors and profiles, as well as offering our employees a safe and healthy working environment. AOE sees its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility as central and a top priority, in line with it’s mission.

In keeping with this vision, it has developed a Code of Ethics which expresses the overall set of the values and principles that the Company has decided to adopt in performing its activities and in its relationships with all stakeholders, and it has decided to make its commitments even more concrete by adopting a consistent SA8000:2014® Management System, strengthening the foundational values of corporate social responsibility in its approach to the labour market and the civil society in which it operates.

The SA8000:2014® Management System explained in this Policy represents AOE’s general operating framework, by virtue of which the organisation is capable of ensuring the full compliance of its Corporate Social Responsibility-related actions with the Standard requirements. 

AOE Management therefore declares its commitment to making the SA8000:2014® Management System effective and operative and to continuously improving its efficiency.

To that end, the Company Management undertakes to follow and bring its policies and procedures into line with  all requirements of the SA8000:2014® reference standard;  the international standards and agreements and the reference Conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) referred to in the Standard;  applicable national laws, sector regulations, contractual conditions and any other requirement voluntarily applied and adopted.

The specific commitments made to meet the SA8000:2014® requirements are in brief: 

·         not favouring, engaging in or supporting the use of child labour; 

·         not favouring, engaging in or supporting the use of forced labour; 

·         guaranteeing adequate, safe and healthy workplaces and taking measures to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational illness;    

·         respecting the right of workers to participate in trade unions;  

·         not engaging in or supporting any type of discrimination against personnel based on any condition whatsoever;  

·         not engaging in or supporting disciplinary practices or verbal abuse conflicting with respect for human dignity;  

·         applying and complying with the working hours set forth by law, national and local agreements; 

·         paying employees a living wage, which would be sufficient to afford a decent standard of lving for the worker and their family;  

·         implementing a supplier qualification and monitoring process that also takes into consideration, insofar as it is possible for the Company to do so, compliance with SA8000:2014®;  guaranteeing all personnel adequate training on the SA8000 standard

The Management also undertakes  to assign adequate resources for the implementation and improvement of the SA8000:2014® Management System;   to inform the various stakeholders of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy through appropriate communication channels and informational activities;  to involve the parties concerned;   not to enact any form of retaliation if Company actions or conduct not compliant with SA8000:2014® are reported.

The Company defines and maintains an internal and external communications plan to provide adequate and systematic information on the results of the management of the Corporate Social Responsibility System.

In addition, the Management periodically verifies the effectiveness of the SA8000:2014® Management System and Policy through the System Review, during which all opportunities to improve corporate performance are evaluated and improvement targets are established.

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