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Updates On The Way!

After going far too long without a single update to our recipes section, we are happy to announce the immanent arrival of the new SunLuck® recipe collection.

Now, in addition to the sugar-conscious Sorrell Ridge® recipes you’ve always loved (accessible via the link to your right), we plan to add more than two dozen exciting new dishes, each designed to take advantage of one or more items from our SunLuck® line of authentic Asian food products.

The selection of new dishes will include appetizers, beverages, beef dishes, pork dishes, dishes with chicken and other fowl, fish dishes, noodle and rice dishes, salads, soups and of course several fabulous desserts.

The first set of recipes have already been posted, so be sure to check out the SunLuck recipe collection by clicking the link to your right.

Currently Available Recipe Collections

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SunLuck Recipe Collection
Sorrell Ridge Recipe Collection
AOE Recipe Collection

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